ps beauty bc ii treatment chairps beauty bc ii treatment chair ps beauty bc ii treatment chair

Unique innovative design

No more old-fashioned massage headrest

The PS Beauty BC II is designed in collaboration with beauticians, massage therapists and clients. This means the beauty chair perfectly suits the needs and wishes of both the client and specialist.

For years, massage headrests had a circular shape, causing a claustrofoby and uncomfortable pressure on the face. The PS Beauty BC II features a unique two-sided, rotatable headrest. Thanks to its open design, clients experience a sense of freedom, less strain on the face and are able to give feedback to the therapist. Resulting in better and more personal treatments.

The PS Beauty BC II affords an unprecedented prone lying position. In addition to the unique headrest, both the front and the back of the armrests are upholstered in high quality polyurethane and can be moved back completely. This allows the client to rest his arms in a comfortable and natural position. Alternatively, the wide design of the chair allows the client to lay his arms parallel to the body as well.

The minimal design of the base offers the best of both worlds: perfect stability, yet almost completely unobstructive to the beautician or massage therapist. Additionally, the metal bumpers on the feet help protect PS Beauty BC II from harmful encounters. Finally, all metal parts have a beautiful powdercoated finish.

Quality inside and out

High quality treatments require the best materials

From four rock solid actuators to high quality, machine-cut upholstery. Only the best materials and parts were good enough for the PS Beauty BC II.

The PS Beauty BC II easily lifts up to 200 kg. This makes the beauty chair accessible to almost any client. Thanks to the vertically designed height actuator, the chair is highly durable. In addition, the beauty chair can be put in a completely flat position with just the push of a button. And with the same button it can be reset to its original upright position.

The cushions of the PS Beauty BC II are made of medical grade memory foam, providing comfort even during long treatments. The high quality polyurethane upholstery fits perfectly around the cushions, is fire resistant and can withstand most fluids used in beauty practices. Finally, the PS Beauty BC II is available in over 900 different colour combinations.

Unlike traditional beauty chairs, the armrests of the PS Beauty BC II have not one, but two supports. This makes them both stronger and more durable. In addition, thanks to the low entrance of just 69 cm, the PS Beauty BC II is the most sustainable and accessible beauty chair on the market.

Technical specifications


ps beauty bc ii treatment chair technical specifications


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